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The Lock of fear – The myth of security.

February 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rickey Moore The Lock of fear – The myth of security.

The ancient log cabin had clearly been uninhabited for many years.  I have visited this abandoned home several times in the past and each time the windows and doors were boarded up.  But not this day, today the doors were flung wide open and a damp odor creeps out of the open wound.  The fading sunlight barley penetrates the soggy darkness.  When I stick my head into the small room my eyes are drawn to the dingy orange curtains that hang over the small windows.  They appear to be thin as a spider’s web and much more fragile. A couple more steps and I enter the main living area of the dwelling.  A stone fire place filled with the remnants of some long ago fire greet me.  The paper which cover the walls no doubt made some 1960s family feels right at home.  But today it seems eerily out of place.  When the uneven floor begins to crack and groan a shiver runs up my spine.  As I turn to leave I spot this lock.  As I ponder this simple device I wonder if it brought them a feeling of security.  Did they feel safe when they slid the bolt into its locked position?  Did it put their minds at ease when they engaged their state of the art security system? Helen Keller once said, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.  Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.  Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”  Certainly we spend a tremendous amount of money and effort trying to stay safe every year.  We have […]

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Time: Throwing away all we have

February 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rickey Moore Time: Throwing away all we have

I was walking near the Pinhoti Trail last Saturday, at the base of Dugger Mountain in Cleburne County.  This is a very isolated and beautiful place with hundreds of acres surrounding me on every side.  One of the things I love about this area is its remoteness; the only sounds you hear are the sounds of nature, the aroma of the forest is the only scent you can smell and add to this the feel of the breeze on your face, the solitude and time for reflection; it was perfect. Well, almost perfect; because just about the time when I thought nothing could spoil this gorgeous scene I came upon several piles of garbage.  The closer I got to this odd spectacle the stranger it became.  Because it soon became apparent that this was not your ordinary garbage pile (piled thoughtlessly in the middle of a beautiful forest).  Why?  Because it was not garbage; it was boxes and bags of perfectly good stuff; dishes, exercise equipment, photographs, books, clothes, etc., all thrown carelessly into this heap in the middle of my paradise. This “photo” is of one of the four tires which were thrown into the wonderfully clear stream flowing below the trail I was walking.  Again, the tires looked perfect and almost new; I could not believe the great waste that was lying at my feet.  Just about then, it was like someone spoke to me and said, you waste something more precious than a set of tires every day and hardly even notice.  What is that?  Time!  How true, because when you think about it, time is really all we have.  Time is truly the stuff of which life is made. How we […]

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Joy, How to find it anytime

February 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rickey Moore Joy, How to find it anytime

It was a rainy day back in July when I took this photo.  I had been driving along an old country road in rural Jackson County Alabama looking for something to photograph.  Then I spotted this field of sunflowers and the rain slackened just a little.  There was no traffic on this rough road, so I pulled over to the edge and admired this beautiful field of flowers.  I grab an umbrella and exit the car and make my way through the soggy patch of 3 foot high sunflowers.  The slow soaking rain turns into a light drizzle and as I hold the umbrella above my head and over my camera I take this photograph. I perhaps take about 60 shots while I am in this field and about half way through this wonderful experience the rain stops and the sun begins to peak through the morning clouds.  Almost in chorus with the movement of the clouds and the shinning of the sun appears other visitors to my cheerful piece of real estate.  They have names like honey, killer and bumble; and on wings of silk they seem to float magically through the moist atmosphere like a great ship sailing with a gentle breeze. So here I stand; wet feet, sunflowers up to my waist, damp hair, and surrounded by my new friends, the bees.  I can still hear the sound of my buzzing buddies as they seem to bounce from flower to flower gathering food, scattering pollen and spreading good cheer everywhere they go.  This day they taught me a fantastic lesson in joy; one of the great privileges and opportunities in all of life is that of spreading joy.  To feel joyful is […]

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The secret to all beauty

January 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rickey Moore The secret to all beauty

I love to travel to a place that on the surface is not very photogenic and just stop and look around until something of beauty is found.  More often than not, you end up seeing these in my posts; not because they are such great subjects, but merely because there is beauty to be found in anything if we would just look hard enough.  It was in such a spot that I stood searching for that one thing, that I noticed this small leaf (about the size of my thumb nail) desperately hanging on to the limb and seemingly waving at me in an attempt to get my attention. The day was warm and the wind was blustery.  It was pleasant but the winds seemed to pick up speed and force as the day progressed; there was a storm in our near future.  This makes taking a photo of a small leaf attached to the end of a long limb difficult.  I ended up taking several photos of this tiny leaf before I was able to capture one that was half way in focus.  I thought to myself during the process that I was taking too much time on this small insignificant leaf, but I was hooked and determined to walk away with a photo I could use. Looking back at that moment I remember thinking that the small leaf could not possible hang on much longer, but I was wrong, because it not only hung in spite of much conflict, but did so with much grace and beauty.  It had found a way to cope despite the storm that was coming.  That is what real peace is; the ability to smile in the face […]

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How to make a big difference

January 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Rickey Moore How to make a big difference

Saturday, we took a walk in the woods along the Iron Legs bicycle trail in Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge (which luckily is about a 10 minute drive from my house).  It was a great way to spend about 4 hours and enjoy the solitude and beauty of this 9000 acre forest.  About mid-way I stopped and challenged myself to find something in this random spot to photograph.  I chose several subjects, but this acorn setting on a fallen tree was my favorite. As I walked around this large fallen tree I saw something ironic about this tiny acorn sitting atop the tip of one of its enormous dead branches.  I become aware of the contrast of the seed sitting atop the parent, the small acorn conquering the mighty oak, the future victorious over the past and the small insignificant child surviving the silent giant lying at my feet.  Then I began to comprehend the tremendous power and importance of the little things all around me.  As I looked more closely at the acorn balanced on the limb before me, I recognized the potential creation of a thousand forests within this one acorn. Small things carry great significance.  Little things make a big difference.  An atom is the smallest thing in the world which, when split, becomes the biggest.  A few tiny words of encouragement spoken into the ears of a child could alter his entire destiny.  One kind deed done for a stranger could change his life.  A cup of cold water given to the thirsty carries eternal consequences.  Little things are important and the smallest good deed matters a great deal to somebody.  My life is just a great bundle of little things; […]

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